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Micro Society
To view Pictures of the 2006-2007 school year click on picture of Mrs. O'Brien

check out www. microsociety.org

Donna O'Brien - Coordinator

Donna has been with Riverside for 8 years.  She enjoys spending time with her family and helping others.  She is the mother of seven children. 2  Williamson high school students, 2 Williamson middle school students and 1 son attending Marshall University, a son employed at Walmart and another son who lives in Chattaroy.

2005-2006 Micro Election

4th grade students run for President & Vice president of Riverside

Studio - Blue Ribbon News

Students produce a live Televison show every morning for their fellow students


Every two weeks students enjoy Marketplace where the can buy items made by fellow students.

Micro Society

Student achievement is our ultimate goal...
MICROSOCIETY offers a selection of programs that cater to a spectrum of school-wide,and individual classroom needs. Each program is designed to empower young people to take an active role in their own education by giving them opportunities to apply their curriculum in real world settings.

The MicroSociety program puts learning theory into practice. Incorporating real-world experiences into basic curriculum, it helps students apply what they learn in the classroom to real life. By making learning relevant, kids not only want to be in school, they want to succeed.

2006-2007 Micro Calendar

Click on picture to get full page view of calendar