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Children Inc.
Children Inc.
Currently Riverside has about 15 students enrolled in Children Inc.  Students recieve items such as lothes, bookbags, school items and many others things to help them achieve success in school.
Our Mission Statement

Children, Incorporated is a non-profit international organization assisting children of all races and creeds, administering to their physical, emotional, and educational needs...

Our Vision

It is the aim of Children, Incorporated to continue assisting and cooperating with other organizations and institutions throughout the world which are dedicated to the maintenance, support, education and welfare of needy children, and the maintenance and education of young adults seeking higher education, enabling them to become responsible citizens of the global community.

The Difference that Lasts a Lifetime!

It only takes one. One sponsor to change the life of one child. One gracious act will provide food, clothing and essential educational needs for one impoverished child.

  • It only takes one individual to make a difference.
  • It only takes one child’s smile of gratitude and sheer joy to make it all worthwhile.
  • It only takes YOU.
Becoming a sponsor is one of the most valuable gifts that anyone can offer. Your sponsorship will mean a child receives nutritious food, proper clothing and an education.

To become that "ONE," simply email us or visit the below link and bring your gift of hope to a deserving child. Start changing the world. Share in the future of a child by becoming a sponsor today. Make the difference that lasts a lifetime!

We'd love to hear from you!

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